Our concern for Haiti and it’s People

I think of the individuals in Haiti who are reft of all the needs of life.

… Shelter, Water, Food, Clothing, and the comfort of friends and relatives. Relationships!

It can all be taken from us in one instant. Or we could live our lives in comfort, never knowing this kind of need many Haitians are currently feeling.

We are learning about this from news reports. What if …

And for us – What next? Where do we go from here with our lives, being humbled, at a distance by this tragedy. We might have known someone who was affected, but how many Americans were actually there, on the ground, experiencing the trapped feeling when a building caves in upon you? The need for clean water, and yet none available. Living for days in the same clothing, dirty, torn, and not knowing when things will change.

We say this should be a call to action. And yet – where is the outrage when we have people in our own country, living virtually next door to us, in similar circumstances. I don’t mean they are victims of a terrible earthquake, but they might have lost their job and for months can’t find one. Their health might be compromised and they can’t get the right foods to eat, or medical care which will restore their bodies to health.

But … guilt is not the answer. The answer lies in day by day, making a change in the lives of those around us. Opening our eyes to the members of society who are not so pretty to us – but totally beautiful in God’s eyes, as they are HIS creation.

Guilt can cripples me, but action, with God’s guidance, removes guilt. Yes – a call to action is needed and I trust in God to guide that call to action HE has for me.


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