Balancing Life

Sometimes my life is like walking a tight rope wire. Just trying to stay on the wire daily is about all I can accomplish.

Many times I fall off. I cry or mope – I grieve for lost progress or whatever! Then I dust myself off and remount the wire.

As I sit at my computer on this beautiful winter Sunday morning I enjoy God’s creation. It is the Sabbath and I am not on the tight rope wire today.

I am amazed at God’s balance. He created an entire world and then rested on the seventh day. No matter how you interpret the scriptures, you see God has Balance.

What does it take for me to achieve balance? I question?

Maybe my answer is in the scripture Ecclesiastes 3: 1

Ecc 3:1  There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven


One thought on “Balancing Life

  1. Interesting…As I was lying in bed this morning in between the snooze cycle on my clock, I thought about keeping the Sabbath holy. God rested. He is the one we are to imitate. Ecc 3:1 is a perfect verse for this blog.

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