Rejoice in the Ordinary

How do we deal with the ordinary?

Actually, in America, we think the ordinary is not worth much. We look for Bling!

And yet – there is value in the ordinary. I would say most Life happens in the ordinary.

However, we count the events of our lives by the Extraordinary. For example, our birthday, the first day of school, graduation day, our first job, or when we married. I could continue, but the point is made.

We do not seem to value the days of laundry, or dishes being cleaned. The times we prepared meals, went to work at a job for pay, mowed the yard or cleaned gutters.

The meaning of life occurs during ordinary times.

Ordinary time we spend to say Hi and Chat with a friend or relative might be a special day for them. Days we read an ordinary book might change our lives. When we attend church for an ordinary sermon, it might help us see God in a different light.

So I ask the question – “Are our days filled with the ordinary? Or rather are these so called ‘Ordinary Days’ really extraordinary days, because they help determine the rest of our lives, or possibly the lives of those individuals we touch?

Maybe Ordinary days can be also viewed as Extraordinary because of the following scripture:

“This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” Psalm 118:24  NASB


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