Affirmations Can Heal

Tonight, in a class I take, a friend told a story which touched my heart. It was a beautiful, personal story of hope and healing. However, at the end of class, this friend of mine apologized for taking too much time to share his healing experience.

I was enthralled at his telling of a healing experience concerning his heart. He told of the amazement the doctors had with two different cardio-scans, one taken before the healing and one afterwards.

What a privilege I experienced telling this friend how excited I was by his story. How I believe his very words sincerely. How they gave me Hope.

Why I ask you, do we not have the time to share the miracles in our lives? Or when we do, we think others will not want to hear about them?

I must confess that I also have apologized to others for sharing what I thought were miracles in my life.

But – How can we believe in miracles – if we do not let ourselves share our miracles with one another?

Of course we all said – Oh Please don’t  apologize. We loved your telling of your story. It gave us hope and encouragement. Yet a part of me was sad, because we had not done this earlier. We had not encouraged our friend from the start, by telling him just how much his story touched our hearts and minds.


A Prayer of Mine: Please Lord, teach me how to listen, so that my body language reflects to the story teller how much their story means to both me and You Lord. Please Lord, teach me how to affirm others, as You did so many years ago.


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