The Emasculation of the Male Population

A Commercial Fest it was yesterday watching Super Bowl # 44; one of the major reasons I watch this game.

There are themes to these commercials, themes which change each year and usually reference the pulse of the culture. However, yesterday I was stunned by the theme of several of the commercials. One in particular was a series of men declaring they would not do this, that, or the other to offend the women in their life,  if only they could drive a Dodge Charger. It was SAD!

Men are Men, and I like them for their ways, which are different than my own. What I saw in this commercial was not Men, but life-compromising jellyfish – These Men Had No Spine!

It is one thing to put the toilet seat down out of respect for the women in your life. But to say you will bow to her wishes, just so you can drive your ‘fancy car?’ EXCUSE ME!!!

Another spineless man commercial was where the man went shopping with his woman and she definitely emasculated him with him wearing the bra, etc. Why was this necessary? And please tell me how getting flotv will make this man a Man??? 🙂

Another commercial has men in their underwear – no pants – advertising of all things – Dockers pants. WOW – Something I really did not need to see! GRIN

It is not that men in their underwear is a horrible sight. It is not. But, it is demeaning and demoralizing to Men the way these commercials displayed them. And there was a subtle fighting back, from Men, at their emasculation in these commercials and our world today.

Our culture does not need to emasculate Men! We need to build Men up and let them know We appreciate their Awesome contribution to Society. We would not be where we are today as a world without Men and their genetically designed behavior.

And to think – these commercials were aired on The Football Game of The Year which determines the Champion Team of the Year (of course played by men only)!

Off my Soap Box now! 🙂


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