Carved Coconut from Lombok, Indonesia

One of my passions is traveling to exotic destinations. Lombok, Indonesia was such a destination. In addition to scuba diving, my group toured islands in the Indonesian chain of islands in 1998.

To earn money, local villagers near a temple site sold carved coconuts. The design is a carp, which represents (as I have been told) good luck in their culture. The coloring is from Kiwi paste wax shoe polish.

The coconut lies on top of fabric hand woven by village women on the island of Lombok. Women of the village earn their livelihood from weaving. The looms we saw were sized from eighteen inches up to 3 feet. Many of the pieces they weave make the Indonesian version of a Sarong, which is a long piece of fabric intended to be wrapped around the waist. The women we met wore tops of different material, usually T-shirts on top, with a sarong below as a skirt.

These women were lovely, both in their manners and pleasantness.


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