Contemplative Prayer

Today has been one of those ‘Clean Up The Office’ days. In my office it can be defined as stressful and seemingly unproductive, even after many hours. I think paper reproduces like a single celled amoeba. The extras end up on men’s neck ties.  🙂

Giving myself permission to throw away is a hard decision normally. But today, I have not only given but taken permission to THROW AWAY! And amongst the pages and pages of paper from old catalogs to menus to receipts, ad nauseam I found a gem. Fr. Thomas Keating’s chapter entitled ‘The Unloading Of The Unconscious’ from his book Open Mind, Open Heart, published first in 1986.

Where it came from I have no idea!  🙂

Usually, when I come across one of those truly life changing works, I evaluate if I have the time to read it, fully knowing it would be good for me. The conclusion I usually reach is – put it away in a safe place until I have time to give it proper attention! (then much time elapses!)

Today I made time to read this chapter, and to put it into practice. This involved contemplative prayer for twenty minutes. Now, it is not that I have not prayed for twenty minutes before. The key to contemplative prayer is to have twenty minutes of silent prayer, all at once, twice a day. No praising, no asking, only resting in God for twenty minutes and if praising happens, it happens, etc. This is not a discipline I have become comfortable with. My prayer is usually very directed and full of praise, not contemplative for long stretches.

No results yet – but I will be incorporating this into my lifestyle and see what happens. Fr. Keating has some very good messages in this fourteen page chapter. As I longingly look at my pile of books to be read this year – maybe I need to add one more – Open Mind, Open Heart  ISBN-13:978-0826406965. It is short as books go.   GRIN

PS: Possible future updates if earth shattering events result from this praying style.


One thought on “Contemplative Prayer

  1. Thank you for the book suggestion. It is my goal to read many books this year. I trust your direction and will see about getting this book soon. I have two other books ahead of this suggestion.

    I admire your contemplative prayer time and am continually inspired by you.

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