Love Generated Obedience

Have you ever felt the love of a dog? Have you ever seen that deep devotion in a dog’s eyes when they look up at you? They totally believe you will meet their needs. Their look borders on worship sometimes. You are the center of their world.

What kind of love would we have in our hearts, if we had that same kind of devotion and obedience to God, that a dog has to their master? How much more would we love our ‘neighbor’ if we practiced that same kind of love towards others as God has commanded?

Just an observation, as I watch my dog prance around waiting for her food which I am preparing. She gets so excited each time I feed her. Yet she also trusts I will feed her and take care of her needs.

Do I always trust God will take care of me?

Sometimes Yes, and sometimes No, to be truthful. I need to work on this.


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