The Earth Is Resting – Are We?

It is snowing once again, yet many people are wondering when Spring will come. They are tired of snow and winter.

Me – I am watching the Earth rest from it’s labors under a blanket of snow. As the snow and rain water the earth, Renewal is taking place. Soon we will have our Spring and it will be grand and glorious! God’s statements in springtime are a wonder to behold.

When do we take time to Renew? To recharge ourselves from the battles we fight which drain our resources?

Or do we?

We expect a car to need gas when the tank is near empty. Why do we expect ourselves to be able to run on empty?

Maybe I am not asking the right question.

Is the right question: How do we refill our tank when we are on empty?

I think it differs for us all, but we do have similarities to Renewal.

  • I believe we must take time to dwell with God in Adoration of God. God Inhabits Praise!
  • Leaving work and exercising the other half of our brain
  • Finding time to spend with a friend chatting, or writing a letter
  • Reading and exercising my brain
  • Exercising my body
  • Sitting quietly in meditation
  • ETC – You get the concept

The key is to have a way to recharge ourselves, because today it is not built into our world. We are expected to Always be on the GO!!! and as such don’t even think we need to recharge, when in simple truth we do.


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