Crystals From God

Sunlight plays on the ice crystals coating my trees from last night’s ice storm. As they sparkle and catch the light I am joyfully entertained by the myriad of colors exuding from their surface.

Dazzling whites, golds, blues, greens, reds – so many colors I can’t name them all. Branches shimmer and sway in the wind, with their ice coatings creating a delight to gaze upon.

How can one ice storm bring so much beauty? As I stand watching I am overwhelmed with a sense of God’s Glory being displayed by a simple ice storm.

Who else could decorate cold barren seemingly lifeless trees, making them seem priceless. I wanted to go pick the diamonds I see sparkling from the trees. I would be rich!

But I am rich, because I know God, the creator of this marvel. I do not need diamonds, or any other kind of gemstone to be rich. I only have to admire the handiwork of God, letting it flow over my soul, healing me.

Jesus tells us that the lilies of the field were clothed better than King Solomon in all his finest. Today my trees were dressed finer than I ever expect to dress.

So I decided to take a walk amongst the beauty. In a stand of river birch, when I stood still, I could hear the clacking of the branches coated with ice. It was like a low tone bell calling. When I moved away from the trees the world was once again silent. As I moved back into the grove I listened to God’s music, cherishing this moment as I was not sure if it would ever happen again to me.

God can be like that. He shows you a part of His creation, and lets you decide to cherish it or pass it by. Today I choose to cherish this amazing beauty.

My prayer is to always be awake to God’s creation as I am today.


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