Your Sacred Writing Space

Ever think about the place you write? Is it sacred?

With what and whom are you surrounded? Do you invite God into the process of your writing?

Are you able to imagine yourself in a globe of sorts where Creativity and Inspiration happen, even in a crowded environment? Are you able to write in a separate room with a closable door?

Writers need both Creativity and Inspiration as well as Perspiration and Determination to write. Bouts of silence are needed so you can listen to promptings from God.

Being able to touch the heart of your mind so you can translate it to the keyboard or paper requires concentration, reflection and prayer. Yes – you can achieve this in a crowed room of people eating or drinking warm beverages. However, it is hard to achieve this when you are interrupted by others, whom you care about.

I personally have a closed door policy. If the door is closed – please do not interrupt, unless you are dying. This allows me to pray uninterrupted, or spend some time reading scripture in quiet while I am  writing.

If the door is almost closed – it is fair game to interrupt. 🙂

Remember above all else that your writing is important! You are expressing the very essence of who you are. This makes writing an important skill to be honored and honed. Regardless of whether you win awards with your writing, your writing is due respect.

Creating a sacred writing space so God can participate will keep your writing fresh and pertinent.


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