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Listening To The Love

After two hours of working with my artist on direction, I placed the phone on the receiver, sighing. I was tired, but pleased with the art for  A Carpenter’s Legacy. We were close to finishing.

Turning around in my chair I saw my dog, in her ‘den’. She had adopted the small space, where feet normally fit, under my desk. With sad eyes she gazed up at me hoping to be petted, but expecting me to ignore her as I had for the last two hours.

Her adoration was compelling, and I reached down to caress her face, telling her she was special and loved.

Her tail began to thump loudly against the desk.

Listening to her love for me, expressed by her tail, I was reminded of the blessing God gave me when she came into my life. She brightened my day, and my caress brightened hers.

I was Listening to her Love.


Yummy Vegetable Soup

Last week I made a yummy vegetable soup. It was easy and fun.

Here is what I did.

To prepare the vegetables I diced the onions and celery, then sauteed them in a little bit of butter to caramelize them.

In a large soup pot I placed a four quarts of water and added the chunked carrots, beets and Swiss chard, letting them cook until tender. When the onions and celery were cooked I added this to the soup pot. I added more water as needed.

Taking half of the beet greens, Swiss chard greens and parsley leaves – I added them to the pot, letting them wilt.

To the Soup Pot I added coarse ground Celtic sea salt to taste.

To the Soup Pot I added 2 Tablespoons of Herbs of Provence.

To the Soup Pot I added Hot ground Cayenne Pepper to taste. (For me this was one heaping teaspoon for 7 quarts of water and vegetables.)

I let the soup simmer until all the ingredients wilted and the chunks of carrots and beets were soft.

Then I put the soup I would not use away and added to the dinner portions some of the saved greens. I allowed these to wilt partially before taking them off the stove top. Each time I used some of the leftovers I would wilt some more of the greens.

This Soup can be served with a side dish of meat if preferred, or as a vegetarian meal. It is quite tasty and filling.


Onion – diced

Celery – chunks

Carrots – Julienned and bite size

Beets – bite size

Swiss Chard – Rainbow colored, bite size

RO Water (specially filtered water with no chlorine)

Beet greens – small squares

Swiss Chard Greens – bite size

Parsley – Italian, leaf only – one bunch

Cayenne Pepper – to taste

Herbs of Provence – 2 Tablespoons

Sea Salt – Coarse Ground – to taste

Chat Roulette

Ever wonder what the world is like for someone in a different country than yours?

Join Chat roulette. If you are not nexted you will connect with someone and be able to learn. But you don’t get to choose your country. Remember the internet is wild and wooly still!

What is Chat Roulette and Nexted you ask?

Best explained in the video link:

However, my understanding is you need access to the internet via broad band and a computer with a camera and keyboard.

By typing Chat Roulette into Google search, then clicking on the Chat Roulette link, you can get into the largest Chat room ever made to date. It has video, but not audio. Instead you type and read what your chat buddy has typed.

If however you do not want to talk with the person who randomly comes up in the chat video – you Next them which means you click on a link again which takes you to the next random chat user to pop up.

The obvious assumptions apply. Pretty young girls will have less nexting than others. Meaning – more people will want to talk with them and they will not be nexted as often.

A very interesting addition to our current computer world.

Blast From The Past

Made a connection last week with a friend, via her daughter, over Facebook.

Call it the proverbial Blast from the Past.

One phone call later and we were friends all over again. We were sharing stories of our current lives, as well as remembrances from over 30 years ago.

I am reminded of a close friend from my fourth/fifth/and sixth grade who I would love to reconnect with today. Yet I do not know where to start. Maybe I never will. But with the advent of social networking on the computer and the World Wide Web – who knows. Anything is possible.

Connections with people in my life are important. As I watch news videos of both Haiti and Chile earthquakes – people connections seem even more important to me. Their stuff just floats away, or falls in the rubble with the damaged condos. It is the living who matter and are worth the effort to save. Seeing a person or a dog pulled alive from the wreckage, brings Joy and Hope for more who survived these tragedies.

I find myself asking what am I doing to make connections with friends and loved ones? My friends and loved ones might not be in an earthquake zone, but they are important just because they are!

If I work at it, I can change my world daily, by letting the people I am connected with know they are valued.

So for those readers who know me: You are Important and a Precious Child of the Living God!

A Glimmer Of Spring Is In The Air

It seems like every time I turn on the local weather they are saying “unseasonable cold temperatures throughout this week.” They have been saying this since Thanksgiving!

I like winter and the cold weather it brings, but I am anticipating spring as much as everyone else. Today I saw a glimmer of spring. Instead of bundling up, I stuck my coat in the car and wore only a woolen shrug. I was fine while running errands.

But the real harbinger of spring today was seeing a cardinal alit on my front shrubs. There was some lingering snow on them and this beautiful cardinal male showed brilliantly against the white and green. This sighting, coupled with birdsong in the morning when I let Crystal out, brings Joy to my heart. I love spring!