Chat Roulette

Ever wonder what the world is like for someone in a different country than yours?

Join Chat roulette. If you are not nexted you will connect with someone and be able to learn. But you don’t get to choose your country. Remember the internet is wild and wooly still!

What is Chat Roulette and Nexted you ask?

Best explained in the video link:

However, my understanding is you need access to the internet via broad band and a computer with a camera and keyboard.

By typing Chat Roulette into Google search, then clicking on the Chat Roulette link, you can get into the largest Chat room ever made to date. It has video, but not audio. Instead you type and read what your chat buddy has typed.

If however you do not want to talk with the person who randomly comes up in the chat video – you Next them which means you click on a link again which takes you to the next random chat user to pop up.

The obvious assumptions apply. Pretty young girls will have less nexting than others. Meaning – more people will want to talk with them and they will not be nexted as often.

A very interesting addition to our current computer world.


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