Yummy Vegetable Soup

Last week I made a yummy vegetable soup. It was easy and fun.

Here is what I did.

To prepare the vegetables I diced the onions and celery, then sauteed them in a little bit of butter to caramelize them.

In a large soup pot I placed a four quarts of water and added the chunked carrots, beets and Swiss chard, letting them cook until tender. When the onions and celery were cooked I added this to the soup pot. I added more water as needed.

Taking half of the beet greens, Swiss chard greens and parsley leaves – I added them to the pot, letting them wilt.

To the Soup Pot I added coarse ground Celtic sea salt to taste.

To the Soup Pot I added 2 Tablespoons of Herbs of Provence.

To the Soup Pot I added Hot ground Cayenne Pepper to taste. (For me this was one heaping teaspoon for 7 quarts of water and vegetables.)

I let the soup simmer until all the ingredients wilted and the chunks of carrots and beets were soft.

Then I put the soup I would not use away and added to the dinner portions some of the saved greens. I allowed these to wilt partially before taking them off the stove top. Each time I used some of the leftovers I would wilt some more of the greens.

This Soup can be served with a side dish of meat if preferred, or as a vegetarian meal. It is quite tasty and filling.


Onion – diced

Celery – chunks

Carrots – Julienned and bite size

Beets – bite size

Swiss Chard – Rainbow colored, bite size

RO Water (specially filtered water with no chlorine)

Beet greens – small squares

Swiss Chard Greens – bite size

Parsley – Italian, leaf only – one bunch

Cayenne Pepper – to taste

Herbs of Provence – 2 Tablespoons

Sea Salt – Coarse Ground – to taste


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